Abandoned Ontario $6,000,000 Mansion with 3 Kitchens

This abandoned mansion in Ontario has four garages, at least eight sky lights, and three kitchen. Two of the kitchens are next to one another and one is upstairs. To drive past this property, you might get the impression someone were living in it. The slightly overgrown driveway offers a hint that maybe it bears closer inspection.

The property is valued at over $2,000,000. There is significant amount of water in the basement (almost halfway up the door) and therefore unlikely that this property would be sold as is.

There are 8 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms. With three kitchens it’s almost a certainty that this was a multi-family home.

abandoned Ontario mansion with 3 kitchens
Three kitchens and four garages
kitchen number one
kitchen #1

marble floor
marble flooring
kitchen number two
Kitchen #2
spiral stairs
wooden spiral stairs

kitchen number three
Kitchen #3 with water damage
dizzying stairs
Dizzying stairs
back of mansion
Looking from the back of the house

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