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Abandoned Markham Ontario Mansion

Motleykiwi and I were driving the GTA area when we passed this gorgeous abandoned mansion. At the time there were workers on the property and they’d just started demolition.¬†We waited a short while until 5 pm when the workers left for the day.

beautiful abandoned Markham, Ontario mansion

back of the house
A view from the rear of the house

winding staircase

wooden staircase

We arrived just in time

The baseboard and door trim has been removed which I think was because the demolition company planned to save it. This house had ceiling medallions, recessed wall shelves, two staircases, a stone fireplace and a basement bar. 

demolition commencing


We returned shortly after the workers left for the day and found entry to be quite easy.

I’m sure this beautiful home will be replaced with some ugly housing.

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