Who is Talking Walls Photography?

Talking Walls Photography is the branded name from the creator of Ontario Abandoned Places. For years I’ve never posted content under any name other than that of my website. I felt that it was time to be creative and to create an identity.

What is Urban Exploration?

Urban exploration is the hobby of exploring and documenting places that are generally off-limits to society. This might include rooftops, vacant hospitals, factories, prisons and houses. There’s a misconception that the hobby is illegal. This is only the case if you trespass in places you shouldn’t be. I follow the rule of take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints.

Who am I?

My name is Mike. I began actively exploring approximately 1999 (20 years). I initially used a 35mm camera for my photography. I progressed to a point & shoot and finally a DSLR camera. I created this website almost two decades ago to showcase my photography. Since that time this website has grown to allow memberships where other photographers can share their photos and locations. This is the largest database website of it’s kind in Canada. I can’t think of any other hobby that provides me as much enjoyment as this one. I’ve made some great friends and had many laughs along the way.

This page is by no means a professional photography page. I’m always aiming to improve my photography and that’s an ongoing process.

What is Ontario Abandoned Places?

OAP is a website of locations for photographers. The content comes from fellow explorers and access is granted to those we trust. If you’re interested in seeing the database, it can be found here.

My Free E-Book

 How do you find these places? What are the legalities? what are some entry level locations? How do I purchase an abandoned house? All of these questions are answered in my E-Book titled “It’s Too Clean to be Abandoned“. Note that the book is in PDF format.