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Meet the OAP Team

Creator of OAP

Location: Burlington

When not dealing with users asking how to receive full membership (read the FAQ!!), I can be found driving the backroads, spending time with family and watching horror movies (I love The Walking Dead). I thirst for knowledge and enjoy watching documentaries to feed my brain. Highly introverted yet also intellectual. I enjoy meeting new explorers and sharing knowledge of the hobby.

On a quiet summer's night I'll lose myself looking at the stars, wondering what it all means and if anyone up there might be looking back wondering the same.

Camera Gear: Nikon, Photoshop CS5
Programming Gear: Nothing, the website was coded entirely in notepad text editor. No fancy software for me.

Timo Explorer

Location: Newmarket, ON

Hey there. Most of you know me by my moniker of Timo Explorer, but you can call me Tim. I have been around for over fifty years and developed far too many hobbies to keep track of -- exploring, geocaching, history, researching war memorials, hiking, adventure motorcycling, and of course, abandoned places. I am firm believer that only boring people get bored, so I try not fall into that trap.

When I find the time, I also work for a living as an engine machinist at an automobile factory in Simcoe County.

How did I get into this hobby? Well the truth is I have always been into this hobby, ever since I was a little guy. I have always been an explorer and loved history, so the two go hand in hand. Nothing better than a day out on my motorcycle, cruising the backroads of Ontario looking for the hidden gems and exploring our past. Hope to see you out there one day.

Camera Gear: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7, sometimes wish I had more, but it does the trick. Not into HDR pics so I don?t need the fancy equipment?.yet.


Name: Clayton
Age: 44
I have had an interest in exploring Ontario since my youth. We had a Muskoka cottage and would often take the back roads. My interest also was intensified by my love of the old CBC kids' show "The Forest Rangers". My obsession first began with exploring fire tower locations across the province, which grew into a keen interest for searching ghost towns up north that have been partly or fully reclaimed by the forest.

Camera Gear: Minolta Dimage


Name: Fiso

Area: Eastern Ontario, meaning everything east of Hwy 62. Centered in the Ottawa area but that isn't where I focus my efforts. What am I: 26 years as a soldier. Retired from that. Now doing something else. My "DNA"? An engineer. A historian. A curious person. 52, going on 18. (Those are IQ numbers, not ages)'

How did I get into this hobby?: My wife (and my best friend) and I like cars and driving. We have always gone out on "cruises". When we were "kids", we stumbled across the Shubenacadie Residential School. (Google it). It was a ruin, it was a tragedy, it was ugly, and it was beautiful. That piqued an interest that I didn't realize had been piqued. I aged. As a soldier, I kept seeing destroyed buildings, pristine buildings that no one was ever going to live in again, railways, bridges, roads...all destroyed, useless, but still there and still representing what they were. As a soldier, I treated them as dangerous places. As an engineer, I considered them as "what if we had built something better" and, as a history buff, I always asked myself, "why?". For most of you, we are now on the same page. (Oh,I love bridges).

How: For those of you asking "how do I get more access?" to OAP locations. It's easy, you do what I do. You find a friend/partner who likes what you like, you go out, spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars driving around and enjoying our beautiful country while looking for places. Sometimes you end up with nothing more than a day of great company, an appreciation (and respect) for how truly beautiful this country is and, every now and then, a site to share here or new friends made along the way. Keep this in mind, you'll always be happy.

Camera Gear: I am NOT a photographer, as anyone who has seen any of my photos will attest to. For me, this is therapy. I have a Canon EOS XSi (yeah, with some half decent lenses, at least within the context of what an EOS is), a couple of Nikons and a Windows phone which, frankly, takes better pictures that anything else I've had..)