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Annual User Meet - 2015

At Ontario Abandoned Places, we try to encourage our members to become active in our online community. We invite members to suggest new features, vote on new applicants, give us feedback on the policies we have and allow members to undertake administrative tasks. We don't wish to operate on a dictatorship but rather a place where everyone is treated as an equal.

So when member Storytrail asked if she could organize a user meeting this year, we said sure! Organizing a meet is not an easy task. There are locations to be plotted out and maps to be printed.

There's the task of trying to arrange a mutually agreeable meeting date. This is difficult because there's never a unanimous agreement on a date. A list of attendees is made and then reservations need to be made for supper.

There's always a few no-shows so it's best to aim high for attendees and expect less.

And so with a 6:30 am departure we made our way to the meeting spot. The turnout was 19 members (including partners). There were a few minor incidents such as discovering one member had a tick stuck to his ear during supper, and the Niagara Regional Police crashing one group's exploration. Throughout the day some groups discovered that a few locations had been demolished this year, fortunately each group was sent out with two sets of location maps. Over all it was a good time had by all.
The exploration was followed by dinner at Boston Pizza which most of the attendees made.

Being a database site, it's important for people to form positive relationships with one another to encourage the sharing of information. If we were all strangers with a feeling of mistrust, the site wouldn't be the success that it is. Meetings like this provide positive interactions and meeting new people in the community.
These annual group meetings are open to any Full Member who's demonstrated a commitment to the hobby (and who isn't a pain in the ass).

I'd like to thank Storytrail for taking the time to arrange this event as well as each and every member who made the decision to attend. It means a lot that you freed up your Saturday to explore abandoned places with your fellow members.


E. Steel White House
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Cerulean Gallery Gallery
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Funky Collapse White House Lonely Old Anthes Persistence Paxton
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Gateway Ethel's Persistence
OAP Gallery
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Persistence Inn Welcome to Canada HEP Anthes
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Dave Summer
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