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OAP Summer Smash 2014

On August 23rd, 2014 we held our second annual user meeting.

Group A consisted of: CrazyCarClub and partner, LegaryTrev and PhotographicTime.

The visited locations were:
1. Mr Baxters Scrapbook, 2. Suspicious Activity, 3. Dura Chrome Ltd., 4.AC Paving Plant, 5. Dawns House, 6. Turner House, 7. Last House On The Left, 8. Brick Beauty, 9. Countryside Manor, 10. School Section No.5 Euphemia, 11. Norton Line

Group B consisted of: Talker, RogerM, Motleykiwi and BigPaulSmall.

The visited locations were:
1) School Section No. 5 Euphemia
2) Countryside Manor
3) Brick Beauty
4) Big Woody
5) A Decade Ago
6) Dawn's House
7) Down on Dawn
8) Dura Chrome Ltd.
9) AC Paving Plant
10) Suspicious Activity

Group C consisted of: OAP, Maple and her son Alex and Dave Summer.

The visited locations were:
N. Line
Courage Brother
Darling Company
9th Line Raleigh
11th Concession
Guyitt House

12 people attended. There were no last minute cancellations.


OAP (TalkingWallsPhotography)


Legary Trev



Dave Summer

Roger M