Ontario Abandoned Places
Photographs and stories from thousands of abandoned houses across Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

If you ask permission it is. If you don't ask permission then it is trespassing.

Trespassing falls under the Trespass to Property Act (TPA). It's an Ontario statute which carries a $65 fine including Victim Surcharge fine. A property owner can in theory arrest you.

Nobody knows for sure. We have over 8,000 archived on this website. As people without families pass away, those houses may also become open to exploring.

In my experience, the answer is NO! Abandoned places are used as propaganda by some ghost hunters.

  • Try contacting the township for tax records.
  • Use a realtor who can look up the land ownership
  • Talk to neighbors for information.
  • Perform a Title Search
  • If you don't break in and don't steal items you are committing no crime. If you take items with you then it is considered a break and enter even if you didn't force entry.

    You really don't. But signs to look for include overgrown grass, holes in the roof, broken windows, missing hydro meter, tire tracks in the driveway, cobwebs in the windows.

    • Ask friends
    • Utilize social media such as Reddit.
    • Google aerial view for back roads
    • Look for black and yellow No Trespassing signage
    • Drive the back roads
    • Search media for upcoming demolitions and plant closures.

    They can be. Some buildings may have homeless people inside or drug users. Floors can be weak or slippery. Sharp glass may cut you. There may be guard dogs.

    Not in the two decades that I've been doing this.

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