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Location Galleries Photos Type Status
945 Chemong Road 18House or FarmDemolished
Abandoned Garage Arden 14CommercialAbandoned
Adams Mine 073Mine
Agnew Lake Uranium Mine 111MineUnknown
Algold Mine 14MineAbandoned
Another Rural Barn 437BarnAbandoned
Apple Orchard House 425House or FarmDemolished
Argentite (ghost town) 08Ghost TownUnknown
Arthur Meighen School 5101EducationalDemolished
Ayr 010House or Farm
Back Road Beauty 230House or FarmDemolished
Balaclava (ghost town) 11165Ghost TownAbandoned
Balaclava- Grey (ghost town) 03Ghost TownUnknown
Balls Falls (ghost town) 015Ghost TownUnknown
Beales Mills (ghost town) 05Ghost TownUnknown
Beautifully Broken (cars) 239OtherUnknown
Beaverton Tim Horton's House 441House or FarmDemolished
Berens River 2007 021Mine
Berens River Gold Mine 04MineUnknown
Between Massey and Spanish 19OtherUnknown
Between Sudbury and Coniston 114House or FarmDemolished
Birge Mills (ghost town) 01Ghost TownUnknown
Black Horse Corner- ghost town 04Ghost TownUnknown
Blantyre (ghost town) 05Ghost TownUnknown
Blind River Saw mill 110Mill/Foundry
Brient (ghost town) 03Ghost TownUnknown
Britt Station 023RailwayUnknown
Bronson Pulp Mill 16Mill/FoundryHistoric Location
Burtch Correctional Facility 26CorrectionalDemolished
Burwash Correctional Prison 48848CorrectionalUnknown
Byng Inlet (ghost town) 035Ghost TownUnknown
Callander Motel 117Motel/HotelDemolished
Camp Bison 048House or Farm
Camp Tillingwood 668RecreationalAbandoned
Canamet Refinery 112IndustrialUnknown
Capreol Railway Yard 010RailwayUnknown
Cashmere (ghost town) 04Ghost TownUnknown
Cathcart Trucking 19CommercialDemolished
Caught in the Middle 15House or FarmDemolished
Cedarholme House 16House or FarmDemolished
CFS Armstrong 19MilitaryUnknown
CFS Falconbridge 5112OtherAbandoned
Champlain Restaurant 231CommercialDemolished
Chelmsford Convent 04OtherUnknown
Chelmsford Just off Larchwood 15RecreationalAbandoned
Chelmsford Little Vermillion 017MineUnknown
Chelmsford Sawmill 013Mill/FoundryDemolished
Cheminis (ghost town) 17Ghost TownUnknown
Cline Mine near Goudreau 02MineUnknown
Cobalt Area Barns 12Barn
Cobalt Headframe 13MineAbandoned
Cobalt Lake Mine 218MineUnknown
Cobalt-Right of Way Mine 08Mine
Coco's Garage 113CommercialDemolished
Cody's Corners House 16House or FarmDemolished
Coldwell 04Ghost Town
Collins Inlet (ghost town) 011Ghost TownUnknown
Cooper's Falls (ghost town) 10Ghost TownUnknown
Corbyville Buildings Galleries 785Ghost TownUnknown
Daigle House 780House or FarmDemolished
Dane (ghost town) 026Ghost TownUnknown
Dawn Mills (ghost town) 017Ghost TownUnknown
Day Mills (ghost town) 05Ghost TownUnknown
DecemBur House - 3700 Colonel Talbot 16House or FarmAbandoned
Depot Harbour (ghost town) 9133Ghost TownAbandoned
Desaulniers (ghost town) 017Ghost TownUnknown
Drum and Road 110House or FarmDemolished
Effingham (ghost town) 04Ghost TownUnknown
Eugenia Falls (ghost town) 09Ghost TownUnknown
Falkenburg (ghost town) 10Ghost TownUnknown
Farmstead near Bond's Corners 123House or FarmDemolished
Fawn Bay 12Ghost TownUnknown
Fingerboard/ Port Hoover 14Ghost TownUnknown
Flying D's Gas Bar 14CommercialUnknown
Formerly Abandoned Inn 126Motel/HotelActive
Franz (ghost town) 015Ghost TownUnknown
Fraserdale 010Ghost TownUnknown
Frood Mine 09MineUnknown
Furnace Falls (ghost town) 04Ghost TownUnknown
Garson Assorted 010Ghost Town
Gertrude Mine 01MineUnknown
Gillies Townsite 09Ghost Town
Glanmire (ghost town) 05Ghost TownUnknown
Goudreau (ghost town) 08Ghost TownUnknown
Greater Sudbury Assorted 037Other
Green Goo Nursery 17CommercialDemolished
Greenwich Village 9145IndustrialDemolished
Grimsby Park 023House or Farm
Guilletville House 16House or FarmDemolished
Hanmer Abandoned House 13House or FarmDemolished
Hanmer Railway 018RailwayUnknown
Hanmer Tavern 426CommercialDemolished
Happy Valley (ghost town) 08Ghost TownUnknown
Harrison-Hibert Mine 110Mine
Harvey Woods 682IndustrialRepurposed
Hastings Colonization Rd. 09Ghost TownUnknown
Helen Mine 08MineUnknown
Herron Mills (ghost town) 010Ghost TownUnknown
High Falls (ghost town) 09Ghost TownUnknown
Highway 17 #2 16CommercialUnknown
Highway 64 Buses 17OtherUnknown
Highway Barn 16BarnAbandoned
Holy Cross Mission 215Foundations
Horaceville (ghost town) 08Ghost TownUnknown
House near Wanup 13House or Farm
House of Possibilities 13Bridge/LocksAbandoned
House of Trucks 18House or Farm
House of Vinyl 114House or FarmAbandoned
House with no floor 14House or Farm
Houses of Scat 225House or FarmDemolished
Hungarian House 112House or FarmDemolished
Huronia Regional Centre 015CorrectionalUnknown
Hurricane Speedway 09RecreationalUnknown
J. Bonneau House 111House or FarmDemolished
Jerome (ghost town) 02Ghost TownUnknown
Kagawong Gas Pump 15CommercialUnknown
Kaladar Gas Station 214CommercialAbandoned
Kanichee Mine 10MineUnknown
Kawartha Downs Speedway House 9152House or FarmDemolished
Kerr-Addison Mine 222MineAbandoned
Key Junction (ghost town) 04Ghost TownUnknown
Kiosk (ghost town) 09Ghost TownUnknown
Kirkhams Mill 09Mill/Foundry
Knox Presbyterian Church 267ChurchActive
Land O' Lakes Motel 227Motel/HotelDemolished
Larchwood Station 09Ghost TownUnknown
Larder Lake Station 014Ghost TownUnknown
Large Mansion 214House or FarmDemolished
Living Well Mansion 475House or FarmActive
Lonely Barn 16BarnUnknown
Ludgate (ghost town) 04Ghost TownUnknown
Mactier Gas Station 06Commercial
Magpie Mine 019MineUnknown
Main Street West Pumping Station 420IndustrialDemolished
Malone (ghost town) 01Ghost TownUnknown
Manitoulin (Wikwemikong) 13House or Farm
Marlbank (ghost town) 014Ghost TownUnknown
Marlbank II 019Ghost TownUnknown
McCormick's Biscuit Factory 651051CommercialBeing Demolished
McGuire's Farmers Market 15CommercialAbandoned
Meadowside Rest Stop 113CommercialDemolished
MediGas 18IndustrialUnknown
Metal Technologies 8138IndustrialDemolished
Michipicoten Harbour (AER) 014Ghost TownUnknown
Millbridge (ghost town) 424Ghost TownActive
Millbrook Correctional 387CorrectionalDemolished
Milnet (ghost town) 039Ghost TownUnknown
Missanabie (ghost town) 011Ghost TownUnknown
Moiles Mill (ghost town) 04Ghost TownUnknown
Mono Mills Auto Parts 333CommercialAbandoned
Mosher (ghost town) 06Ghost TownUnknown
Motel Longbranch 31401Motel/HotelUnknown
Mount Antoine 219RecreationalUnknown
Mr. Mould's House (Nairn) 110House or FarmUnknown
Mr. Moulds Garage (Nairn) 024CommercialUnknown
Murray Mine 030MineUnknown
Nemegos (ghost town) 07Ghost TownUnknown
NEMHC 241IndustrialDemolished
Nestorville (ghost town) 06Ghost TownUnknown
Nicholls Psychiatric Building 118HospitalDemolished
Nickleton Dam 011House or Farm
Nipissing 96 Mine 14Mine
Nobel CEL Explosives 021Ghost TownUnknown
Noelville Barn 2 13BarnUnknown
Nordic Ski Hill Sudbury 016RecreationalUnknown
Norwich House 113House or FarmDemolished
Nothing to See Here 19House or FarmAbandoned
O'Donnell (ghost town) 06Ghost TownUnknown
Ophir Mine 021Mine
Orillia Hacker House 233House or FarmDemolished
Orphan Annies Truck Stop 430CommercialAbandoned
Orrville 05House or Farm
Other Places 014House or Farm
Pakesley (ghost town) 016Ghost TownUnknown
Parker (ghost town) 03Ghost TownUnknown
Parthia (ghost town) 05Ghost TownUnknown
Photo Memories Left Behind 232House or FarmAbandoned
Pickerel Landing (ghost town) 04Ghost TownUnknown
Point Anne (ghost town) 07Ghost TownUnknown
Port Robinson 05Ghost Town
Port Severn Motor Hotel 229Motel/HotelActive
Rambo's Reno House 15House or FarmDemolished
Rayner House 233House or FarmDemolished
Reesor Siding (ghost town) 09Ghost TownUnknown
Reynoldsville 01Ghost TownUnknown
Riviera on the Lake 339Motel/HotelDemolished
Robertsville (ghost town) 04Ghost TownUnknown
Rolphton (ghost town) 03Ghost TownUnknown
Romford 06RailwayUnknown
Royston (ghost town) 01Ghost TownUnknown
Rutherglen Central School 15EducationalAbandoned
Salvation Army Citadel 382ChurchDemolished
Seasons Retirement 16IndustrialUnknown
Seguin Falls (ghost town) 036Ghost TownUnknown
Sellwood (ghost town) 027Ghost TownUnknown
Sheridan Technical School 223House or FarmDemolished
Sir Arthur Currie Homestead 345House or FarmDemolished
Sisters of Charity Hospital 231HospitalDemolished
Spanish Residential Schools 546Educational
Spence (ghost town) 014Ghost TownUnknown
Springbank Tire Shredder 570IndustrialRepurposed
Springtown (ghost town) 010Ghost TownUnknown
Squatter House 564House or FarmDemolished
St. Aloysius 128EducationalAbandoned
St. Johns West (ghost town) 08Ghost TownUnknown
St. Louis de Gonzague 19EducationalRepurposed
Stash of Trash 218House or FarmDemolished
Still River Truck Stop 993CommercialUnknown
Stinson 023Ghost Town
Stirton (ghost town) 02Ghost TownUnknown
Studite Monastery 8116ChurchBeing Demolished
Sudbury - Comisso Bricklayers 112CommercialUnknown
Sudbury Cedar Hut 453CommercialDemolished
Sudbury Cement Factory 020FoundationsUnknown
Sudbury Kingsway House 13House or FarmDemolished
Sudbury Steelworkers Hall 011IndustrialUnknown
Teeter House 18House or FarmDemolished
Television Keene Two-For-One 795House or FarmAbandoned
Temagami (Milnes Mill) 011Ghost Town
Temagami Forest Products 09Industrial
Ten Mile Point House 27House or FarmAbandoned
Thamesville 063House or Farm
The Big Lobaskie 315House or FarmDemolished
The Cat Lady House 24455House or FarmArson
The Forgotten Barn 18BarnUnknown
The houses Rexall killed 335House or FarmUnknown
The Hub 477Motel/HotelDemolished
The Iron Grill 234CommercialDemolished
The Olde Barracks 332MilitaryDemolished
The Orillia Inn 043Motel/Hotel
The Screaming Heads 011OtherUnknown
The Stone House- Rutter 16House or FarmDemolished
Thessalon Marine 12CommercialAbandoned
Tie Rod Road 114Other
Uffington (The Toye Tragedy) 019CemeteryUnknown
Unnamed Restaurant 110House or FarmDemolished
Val Caron House 116RailwayDemolished
Verna's Truck Stop 14Motel/HotelAbandoned
Wahnapitae Art Teacher's House 370House or FarmDemolished
Warren Cabin 215House or FarmDemolished
Waterdown Teardown 111House or FarmDemolished
Wheel In Cafe 215CommercialAbandoned
Whitby Psychiatric Hospital 779HospitalDemolished
Whitefish Assorted 057Ghost TownUnknown
Whitefish Assorted II 025Ghost TownUnknown
Whitefish Assorted III 054Ghost TownUnknown
Whitefish Bil-Mur Motel 034Motel/HotelUnknown
Whitefish Falls Dam 04IndustrialUnknown
Whitefish Imperial Gas 19CommercialUnknown
Woodstock Random Find 345CommercialAbandoned
Worthington (ghost town) 018Ghost TownUnknown

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