Ontario Abandoned Places

Over 8,000 Canadian Locations for Urban Explorers
Ghost Towns. Churches. Time Capsules. Mansions. Hospitals. Rural and Industrial Decay.

Locations for USA
Centralia, PA 258Ghost TownHistoric Location
Detroit 136OtherAbandoned
Detroit Packard Plant 111IndustrialAbandoned
Gambling on the green 117MineAbandoned
Holley High School 128EducationalRepurposed
Hugo Boss AKA Read More Books 17IndustrialAbandoned
Letchworth Village 240HospitalAbandoned
Madison Barracks 140MilitaryHistoric Location
The Colonial Squire Motel 115Motel/HotelAbandoned
Union Station (Gary) 114RailwayAbandoned
Variety In Buffalo 236OtherAbandoned

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