Ontario Abandoned Places

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Locations for Toronto
103.5 Radio Station 350CommercialDemolished
A Few On Death Row 138CommercialBeing Demolished
Abandoned one 18OtherAbandoned
Abandoned in Weston 14House or FarmAbandoned
Abandoned Strip 125House or FarmAbandoned
ABC Lumber 340IndustrialAbandoned
Alderwood Collegiate Institute 26446EducationalDemolished
Asylum Patient Built Walls 130HospitalHistoric Location
Bathurst Anomaly 25OtherAbandoned
Berry Zukerman Ampitheatre 120OtherActive
Berwick - Duplex 115House or FarmDemolished
Bishop's Block (Pretzel Bell) 310House or FarmRepurposed
Boarded/Abandoned Apartment 115OtherAbandoned
Break oh my Tayco 137CommercialDemolished
Briar Hill Public School 112EducationalDemolished
Building 666 313CommercialAbandoned
Canada Malting Co. 748IndustrialUnknown
Canadian Foundry 359IndustrialDemolished
Canadian Pacific Police Station 215RailwayAbandoned
Chorley Park & Timothy Pilgrim 34House or FarmDemolished
(Name hidden) 15Bridge/LocksHistoric Location
(Name hidden) 230EducationalBeing Demolished
Distillery District 228CommercialHistoric Location
Don Branch 16RailwayAbandoned
Don River Bridge 327Bridge/LocksAbandoned
Don Valley Brickworks 10154IndustrialRepurposed
Don Valley Ski Club 214House or FarmAbandoned
Dufferin Grove 212House or FarmAbandoned
DVP On Ramp 15OtherAbandoned
Expert Auto Mechanix 118CommercialDemolished
Extreme Dilapidation 114OtherAbandoned
Fisherville (ghost town) 117House or FarmAbandoned
Florida Jack and the Bunch 280CommercialBeing Demolished
(Name hidden) 378House or FarmAbandoned
Frat House 38House or FarmAbandoned
Fruit Fire 388CommercialCollapsed
Ghetto Fabulous 217OtherAbandoned
Goodwill, Bad Intentions 113CommercialAbandoned
Graydon Hall Pumphouses 437FoundationsAbandoned
(Name hidden) 15Bridge/LocksRepurposed
High Park Houses 333House or FarmDemolished
(Name hidden) 12House or FarmBeing Demolished
Hoko Dojo 428RecreationalAbandoned
Honeydale Mall 327CommercialActive
Humber Marsh Tile Factory 16IndustrialAbandoned
Islington Mosaic 150OtherHistoric Location
Kirkhams Mill 09Mill/Foundry
Kormann House Hotel 16Motel/HotelAbandoned
Lakeshore house 254House or FarmDemolished
Last Burial 114CemeteryAbandoned
Leslie Lighthouse 15OtherAbandoned
Linseed Factory 44567IndustrialAbandoned
Lower Bay TTC Station 12RailwayAbandoned
Main Square Sports Complex 120RecreationalAbandoned
Maple Leaf Gardens 18House or FarmRepurposed
Max Security Chapel 14ChurchAbandoned
Mimico's Potters Field 219CemeteryHistoric Location
More Moja 5137OtherDemolished
Old Division 14 15CorrectionalAbandoned
Old Don Jail - Toronto 574CorrectionalRepurposed
Paradise Cinema 15CommercialAbandoned
Prayer Tent 16ChurchAbandoned
pre-1929 Bayview Bridge 16Bridge/LocksAbandoned
(Name hidden) 13IndustrialAbandoned
Regal Constellation 570Motel/HotelDemolished
Regent Park Apartments 28FoundationsBeing Demolished
Regent Park/Duke of York School 112EducationalDemolished
Riverdale Farm (Zoo) 226RecreationalRepurposed
Run Down Low-Down 217House or FarmDemolished
Salem's Parking Lot 115OtherActive
Scadding Cabin 17House or FarmHistoric Location
Seaway Hotel 366Motel/HotelBeing Demolished
Secret Beach 227DrainActive
Shed and Stable 233BarnDemolished
Sherbourne Shuffle 334House or FarmAbandoned
Sherbourne store fronts 19CommercialAbandoned
Sketchy Neighbours 16House or FarmExterior Photos
Skylines Past 117CommercialDemolished
Sports National 13CommercialDemolished
Spring Garden Centre 116CommercialAbandoned
(Name hidden) 010Church
Stagnant Cubicles 120CommercialDemolished
Stanley Barracks 110House or FarmHistoric Location
Stonehouse Cemetery 114CemeteryAbandoned
The Crossways Fitness Center 116CommercialClosed
The Loblaw Groceterias Building 588CommercialDemolished
The Residence 230House or FarmRepurposed
Todmorden Mills (ghost town) 112OtherRepurposed
Toronto West Detention Center 13CorrectionalDemolished
Victory Soy Mills 8102Mill/Foundry
(Name hidden) 316House or FarmAbandoned
Westwood Movie Theatre 747RecreationalBeing Demolished
Yonge - Eglinton Bus Terminal 16CommercialAbandoned
Zen Buddhist Temple 113ChurchDemolished

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