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Locations for Thunder Bay District
Abandoned Garage on 102 130OtherAbandoned
Armstrong Attack Base 111MilitaryAbandoned
Bag Lady House 17House or FarmDemolished
Bowman Island Fish Camp 120CommercialAbandoned
Burchell Lake (ghost town) 20Ghost TownUnknown
CFS Armstrong 19MilitaryUnknown
Domtar Paper Mill 119Mill/FoundryBeing Demolished
Donald & Vickers 216House or FarmDemolished
First Nations Catholic Church 112ChurchAbandoned
Fourway Public School 111EducationalAbandoned
Garage of wonders 18OtherAbandoned
Geraldton Fire Management HQ 120House or FarmDemolished
Harry Island Hilton 122OtherRepurposed
Harry's Hideaway 120RecreationalAbandoned
Heron Bay (ghost town) 16Ghost TownAbandoned
HWY 61 House #4 344House or FarmDemolished
HWY House #2 13House or FarmDemolished
Jackfish (ghost town) 228Ghost TownAbandoned
Jackfish (ghost town) 013Ghost TownUnknown
Kakabeka Abandoned Cabin 112RecreationalAbandoned
Little Falls Bible Camp 119EducationalDemolished
Little Ponderosa 115RecreationalAbandoned
Lyceum Theatre 228OtherBeing Demolished
Manitoba Pool 654IndustrialAbandoned
Mount McKay Ski Lift 120RecreationalAbandoned
My Place 17RecreationalActive
Nipigon Ski Hill 120OtherAbandoned
Nolalu Screenshack 16OtherAbandoned
Nor'westers Plane Crash 112OtherAbandoned
North Lake Station 113RailwayCollapsed
North Lake Station (Replica) 115RailwayArson
O'Connor Cabin Hideaway 118RecreationalAbandoned
Old West Style Bar/Grill 116CommercialAbandoned
Padres Abandoned Cabin 114OtherAbandoned
Pigeon River Provincial Park 344RecreationalClosed
Port Coldwell (ghost town) 128Ghost TownAbandoned
Riverview Raceway 120RecreationalAbandoned
Ruby Lake Marble Quarry 119MineAbandoned
Sandy Beach Lake House 113House or FarmDemolished
Shuniah Mine 16MineAbandoned
Stevens (ghost town) 24Ghost TownDemolished
Tashota (ghost town) 126RailwayHistoric Location
The Empire Hotel 349Motel/HotelAbandoned

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