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Ontario Abandoned Places

This Is How You Weekend

Locations for Thorold
2nd Welland Canal Lock c. 1850 214Bridge/LocksHistoric Location
Collection of Low Risks 113OtherAbandoned
Crane Reclaimed by Nature 429IndustrialAbandoned
Dollhouse Gentleman's Club 584OtherDemolished
(Name hidden) 230Bridge/LocksHistoric Location
Interlake Paper Outbuilding 16CommercialAbandoned
Lone Barn 214BarnAbandoned
Maroon Perseverance... 11House or FarmDemolished
Morningstar Mill 225Mill/FoundryHistoric Location
Old Canal Remains 122Bridge/LocksAbandoned
Old Radio Station 114OtherAbandoned
Port Robinson House 17House or FarmDemolished
Riverboat Inn (Demolished) 120Motel/HotelDemolished
(Name hidden) 18EducationalAbandoned
Swing Bridge to Pump House 120Bridge/LocksAbandoned
Thorold Canal Trail 230Bridge/LocksRepurposed
Thorold Playboy Mansion 355House or FarmDemolished
Where Cats Go To Die 329FoundationsAbandoned

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