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Locations in Prince Edward County
1173 County Road 7 214House or FarmDemolished
1637 Hwy 17 217House or FarmDemolished
1969 County Road 4 265House or FarmDemolished
850 N Big Island Rd 454House or FarmDemolished
Demorestville (Ghost Town) 14Ghost TownActive
Lakeshore Lodge Foundation 120FoundationsAbandoned
Main Duck Island 429Ghost TownHistoric Location
Marysville Garage and Store 227CommercialAbandoned
Nice Old House 214House or FarmDemolished
Old Farmhouse 453House or FarmDemolished
Perrys Lane 120BarnAbandoned
Picton Methodist Church 14OtherDemolished
Picton Stable 120BarnAbandoned
Pleasant Bay Rd.- Hillier 579House or FarmDemolished
Port Milford ~ Ghost Town 17Ghost TownAbandoned
School Section No. 3 Athol 14EducationalClosed
Scotts Mill ~ Milford 113Mill/FoundryActive
Swamp College House 482House or FarmDemolished

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