Ontario Abandoned Places

Documenting Canada's Abandoned Structures

Abandoned Locations in Ottawa

Location Galleries Photos Type Status
'Recked Rectory 130ChurchDemolished
1205 Shillington House 28House or FarmDemolished
246 Gladstone St. 111CommercialDemolished
A Hitachi's Future Dinner 122House or FarmDemolished
Abandoned Barn 11BarnAbandoned
Anne Heggtveit Ski Hill 218OtherRepurposed
Arched Home & Warehouse 341House or FarmDemolished
Ashton Furniture Workshop 19BarnCollapsed
Bank Quarry 18House or FarmDemolished
Barn Fort 332BarnAbandoned
Barrhaven Hotel 9145House or FarmDemolished
Beep Beep Home 130House or FarmDemolished
Bells Corners Barn 489BarnAbandoned
Bells Corners Train 111RailwayDemolished
Booth Board Mill 16173Mill/FoundryAbandoned
Bronson Pulp Mill 16Mill/FoundryHistoric Location
Bronson School Board Building 230EducationalDemolished
Burned Out House near Ottawa 15House or Farm
Carlos' Pizzaria 266CommercialAbandoned
Carp River Railway Bridge 115RailwayClosed
Cat House 335House or FarmDemolished
Cattle Farm 115House or FarmAbandoned
CFB Rockliffe 573MilitaryAbandoned
City of Ottawa Workshops 638IndustrialAbandoned
Colin Is...... 246House or FarmDemolished
Conference Centre 114OtherAbandoned
Conroy Auto Parts Recycling 429OtherDemolished
Creepshow House 111House or FarmDemolished
Cruickshank's Automotive 133CommercialDemolished
Dead End Farm 225House or FarmDemolished
Deavy Farm 888House or FarmCollapsed
Diefenbunker Antenna Farm 113MilitaryAbandoned
DuMoulin House 238House or FarmDemolished
E L Auto Repair 13CommercialAbandoned
Every day comes and goes 15CommercialAbandoned
Farm March rd. Kanata 542House or FarmDemolished
Fleet Street Pumping Station 111OtherHistoric Location
Forgotten Truck Graveyard 424RecreationalAbandoned
Gray House 17House or FarmDemolished
Green Thumb - Black Kitchen 130House or FarmDemolished
Haunted Grave Yard 13CemeteryAbandoned
Hintonburg House 15House or FarmDemolished
Hoarder house 115House or FarmAbandoned
Horaceville (ghost town) 454Ghost TownHistoric Location
Hot Potatoes 110CommercialAbandoned
House of Crosses 257House or FarmDemolished
House on Boundary Road 649House or FarmCollapsed
Houses of Scat 225House or FarmDemolished
I'm on the Hunt 18House or FarmDemolished
Investment Opportunity 18House or FarmDemolished
Kingdon Mine 243MineHistoric Location
Landon Cemetery 117CemeteryClosed
Lemieux Island 15139House or FarmDemolished
Long Island in Manotick 10130House or FarmDemolished
Make Room For Condos 226House or FarmDemolished
Military Radio Tower 11147MilitaryUnknown
Mooney's Bay Park Storage 111OtherActive
Mystery Finally Solved 16OtherClosed
NCC Boring 111House or FarmDemolished
New Edinburgh Apartments 531OtherDemolished
New Edinburgh Home 446House or FarmDemolished
Old and Good 997House or FarmDemolished
Old CBC/Health Canada Building 13CommercialBeing Demolished
Old Farm Handed Back To Nature 120House or FarmDemolished
Old School House 15EducationalAbandoned
One and Four 225House or FarmDemolished
Our Lady School 316EducationalUnder Construction
Owl Questions 124House or FarmDemolished
Postwar Bungalow in Hintonburg 117House or FarmDemolished
Prince of Wales Bridge 14107RailwayAbandoned
Punk House 121House or FarmDemolished
Put Your Feet Up and Relax 18House or FarmDemolished
Reid Park Pool building 212RecreationalAbandoned
Rideau Tree home 125House or FarmDemolished
Safety Village 12EducationalDemolished
Securty Failure 29House or FarmDemolished
Sentry on the Roof 228House or FarmDemolished
Shouldice's General Store 212House or FarmDemolished
Silenced Buildings- Greely 428CommercialDemolished
Sir John Carling Cafeteria 220CommercialBeing Demolished
Smoke Free Building 119CommercialArson
Somerset House 417CommercialAbandoned
Soper's Fountain / Ruins 115OtherHistoric Location
Stephens Old Home 112FoundationsAbandoned
Stittsville Satellite House 15House or FarmDemolished
Stone Foundation - Bells Corners 211FoundationsAbandoned
The Amber House 324House or FarmDemolished
The Den & Fleamax 12CommercialDemolished
The Great One House 120House or FarmDemolished
The Haven- vertical reality 859Mill/FoundryAbandoned
The Other Three 122House or FarmDemolished
Three in a Row 318House or FarmDemolished
Thunderbird Down 565CommercialDemolished
Timber Slide 27OtherAbandoned
Top of the Mountain 14House or FarmDemolished
Two for the Show, or Plow 120House or FarmDemolished
Under Surveillance 16House or FarmDemolished
Union Cemetery 222CemeteryClosed
Unknown on Raven 28House or FarmDemolished
Wedded Bliss 118CommercialClosed
Westboro Warehouse 534CommercialAbandoned
Wilson Eddie Carbide Mill 550Mill/FoundryAbandoned
Worm's Burner 224CommercialDemolished

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