Ontario Abandoned Places

Documenting Canada's Abandoned Structures

Abandoned Locations in London

Location Galleries Photos Type Status
249 Wellington St. 13CommercialDemolished
255 & 258 Grey Street 17House or FarmBeing Demolished
434 Egerton St. 13House or FarmDemolished
442 Egerton St. 14House or FarmDemolished
8 Abandoned Fanshawe Houses 223House or FarmDemolished
A Little Burnt Out 1157IndustrialDemolished
A.M. Ross Farm 342House or FarmDemolished
Abandoned at Sunset 579House or FarmDemolished
Abandoned Pool 1598RecreationalAbandoned
Abandoned Wading Pool 343OtherAbandoned
Abandoned Water Wheel 550Mill/FoundryAbandoned
Across The River 26338House or FarmArson
Angelo's Bakery & Deli 210CommercialDemolished
Beautiful Fanshawe House 10110House or FarmDemolished
Bill's House 28House or FarmDemolished
Bradley Ave. 7101House or FarmDemolished
Brick St. School 683EducationalDemolished
Bridge to Nowhere 335Bridge/LocksAbandoned
Camp Olalondo 17RecreationalDemolished
Cemetery house 644CemeteryAbandoned
Cities Heating Company 110IndustrialAbandoned
City Orchards 9181House or FarmDemolished
Corner Gas No Longer 12CommercialDemolished
DecemBur House - 3700 Colonel Talbot 16House or FarmAbandoned
Donnys Last Stand 213House or FarmDemolished
Dundas House 26House or FarmDemolished
Exeter Road House 220House or FarmDemolished
Fanshawe Beauty 10114House or FarmDemolished
Fanshawe Motors House 114House or FarmDemolished
Forgotten Bridge 15Bridge/LocksAbandoned
Forgotten Phoenix 17House or FarmDemolished
Framer's House 448House or FarmDemolished
Green Goo Nursery 17CommercialDemolished
Hamilton Road house 235House or FarmAbandoned
Hole In One 570RecreationalBeing Demolished
House In The Swamp 12169House or FarmDemolished
House on the Hill 546House or FarmDemolished
In Plain Sight 12CemeteryClosed
It's Gone 18BarnAbandoned
Jeremiah's Field 24280House or FarmDemolished
Kellogg London Inc. 120CommercialRepurposed
Kilbourne Pioneer Cemetery 338CemeteryClosed
Lambeth Country Home 12174House or FarmDemolished
Levi's Hangout 112House or FarmDemolished
Losing Neighbourhood 114House or FarmDemolished
Losing Neighbourhood #2 19House or FarmDemolished
McCormick's Biscuit Factory 651051CommercialBeing Demolished
Meadowlily Mill 117Mill/FoundryAbandoned
Medway Road Violated Beauty 449House or FarmDemolished
Neglected Manor 20281House or FarmDemolished
Nichol Cemetery 18CemeteryClosed
North St United Church Cemetery 115CemeteryClosed
Nothing to See Here 19House or FarmAbandoned
Old House on the Trail 18OtherAbandoned
Out With The Old 554House or FarmActive
Permacon London 377IndustrialDemolished
Purple in the Wind 112House or FarmDemolished
Rebecca Road 23277House or FarmDemolished
Sanatorium House 25House or FarmDemolished
Sarnia Rd House, Private Drive 547BarnDemolished
Small Country House 435House or FarmAbandoned
South Street Homes 14CommercialDemolished
Southdale Rd House 346House or FarmDemolished
St. Joseph's Hospital London 119HospitalDemolished
Stash of Trash 218House or FarmDemolished
The Arts Building Queens Park 111CommercialActive
The Big Lobaskie 315House or FarmDemolished
The Half Way House 120House or FarmBeing Demolished
The Toxic Avenger Pool House 6123House or FarmDemolished
Three-Storey Downtown Office 117CommercialAbandoned
Top Is Where It's At 565House or FarmDemolished
Under the Tracks 19House or FarmDemolished
War Still On: Japs Mum 465House or FarmDemolished
Wharncliffe Farmhouse 448House or FarmDemolished
Wonderland Gardens Swimming Pool 337RecreationalAbandoned
Woodfield Wonder 17House or FarmDemolished

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