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Locations for Kawartha Lakes
Argyle Blacksmith Shop 15CommercialAbandoned
Austin Saw Mill in Kinmount 330Mill/FoundryRepurposed
Baddow 113House or FarmAbandoned
(Name hidden) 441House or FarmAbandoned
Bayview 15House or FarmAbandoned
Bethany Gas Station 437CommercialAbandoned
Bethany Post Office 12CommercialRepurposed
Bexley Century Home 120House or FarmDemolished
Bexley Church 212ChurchUnknown
Bexley Farm on Doyle 326House or FarmAbandoned
Big Eddy 113House or FarmDemolished
Big White Dog 115House or FarmAbandoned
Black River Abandoned Vehicles 19OtherAbandoned
Black's Corners 114CemeteryAbandoned
Boathouse Cabins 18House or FarmDemolished
Bury's Green (gunshot story) 16Ghost TownUnknown
Burys Green - tractor graveyard 581OtherAbandoned
Canada's Smallest Jailhouse? 17OtherHistoric Location
Carden Plains near Dalrymple 16OtherAbandoned
Coboconk School 231EducationalAbandoned
Coboconk Station 214RailwayAbandoned
Dartmoor (forgotten hamlet) 984Ghost TownUnknown
Farm in the Woods 223House or FarmRepurposed
Fingerboard/ Port Hoover 14Ghost TownUnknown
Fleetwood/Franklin-ghost towns 115Ghost TownUnknown
Forest Ranger Cabin 19House or FarmAbandoned
Garrys Garden Center 19CommercialDemolished
Gospel Mennonite Church 219ChurchDemolished
Half Gutted 127House or FarmAbandoned
Head Lake Abandoned House 19House or FarmDemolished
Hilyer's Cemetery 110CemeteryAbandoned
Hwy 35 Coboconk white house 120House or FarmDemolished
Idle Windmill 18OtherAbandoned
Implement Shed 120BarnActive
Junk Yard in a Forest 116OtherAbandoned
Kirkfield Abandoned Store 18CommercialAbandoned
Lake Dalrymple Orange Hall 29OtherAbandoned
(Name hidden) 125Ghost TownAbandoned
Lindsay Grist Mill 335Mill/FoundryAbandoned
Lorneville Corner House 210House or FarmAbandoned
Lost and forgotten Bel Air 15OtherAbandoned
Mackenzie - Balsam Lake Compound 116House or FarmHistoric Location
Mount Horeb (ghost town) 219Ghost TownUnknown
Near Burnt River 227House or FarmAbandoned
Near Kirkfield 353House or FarmAbandoned
Nesbitt Grey 11House or FarmAbandoned
Norland Cabin 19House or FarmAbandoned
Palestine Church 18EducationalClosed
Pontypool Cemetery 19CemeteryAbandoned
Pontypool Grain Elevator 657RailwayAbandoned
Pontypool Mill 112House or FarmDemolished
Ranch Motel - Coboconk 350Motel/HotelAbandoned
Random Church 324ChurchAbandoned
Ruins On Sandyhook 25House or FarmAbandoned
Sad little cemetery 17CemeteryAbandoned
Sadowa Church 217ChurchDemolished
Sadowa Pioneer Cemetery 112CemeteryAbandoned
Sandyhook House 2 213House or FarmAbandoned
(Name hidden) 18House or FarmAbandoned
Secret Behind Trees 113House or FarmAbandoned
Shell Station Coby 220CommercialAbandoned
Sir Wm MacKenzie Inn, Kirkfield 352Motel/HotelClosed
Telford Cemetery 115CemeteryAbandoned
Terrasan 115IndustrialAbandoned
Toronto Brickworks - Coby 426OtherAbandoned
Uphill (semi-ghost town) 112Ghost TownUnknown
(Name hidden) 134House or FarmAbandoned
Woodville Hockey Hall of Famer 17House or FarmAbandoned
Woodville Shop 14Mill/FoundryAbandoned

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