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Ontario Abandoned Places

Over 8,000 Canadian Locations for Urban Explorers
Ghost Towns. Churches. Time Capsules. Mansions. Hospitals. Rural and Industrial Decay.

Locations for Hastings County
2663 Hwy 14 585House or FarmDemolished
Bancroft Area Mines 110MineUnknown
Bessemer (ghost town) Gallery 423Ghost TownUnknown
Burgess Mine 17MineUnknown
Church 10845 15ChurchAbandoned
Craigmont (ghost town) 312Ghost TownUnknown
Eldorado (ghost town) 04Ghost TownUnknown
Eldorado (ghost town) Gallery 110Ghost TownActive
Eldorado Cheese Factory 354CommercialAbandoned
Fort Stewart Work Shed 210CommercialAbandoned
Hybla (semi-ghost town) 418Ghost TownUnknown
King's Mill 460Mill/FoundryAbandoned
MacDonald Mine 215MineAbandoned
Maynooth Train Station 430RailwayAbandoned
(Name hidden) 29Ghost TownActive
Snow Day Camp 212RecreationalAbandoned
Wallace (ghost town) 16Ghost TownAbandoned
West Huntingdon (ghost town) 12OtherAbandoned
White Lake Pioneer Cemetery 330CemeteryAbandoned

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