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Locations in Guelph
9 Lives Hookah House 251House or FarmDemolished
Better Beef Limited 317CommercialAbandoned
Biltmore Hats 227CommercialDemolished
Birge Mills (ghost town) 01Ghost TownUnknown
Divorce Doomed 29House or FarmDemolished
Dusty Deals Done 230CommercialDemolished
Dynamotive Plant 431IndustrialDemolished
Elderslie Home 331House or FarmDemolished
Goldie Mill 656Mill/FoundryUnknown
Hold Out House 249House or FarmDemolished
Hope Well Green 113House or FarmDemolished
House B-gone Tire Farm 115House or FarmDemolished
Jose's Noodle Factory 113CommercialRepurposed
Luca Meats 227CommercialDemolished
Marden Pond 26House or Farm
Maybe Tomorrow 246House or FarmDemolished
Mrs. Black's Boarding House 16EducationalHistoric Location
Nature Centre House 365House or FarmDemolished
Old Barn 12108BarnAbandoned
Old Rusty Metal and Gravel Pits 19MineDemolished
Paddock Farm 215House or FarmDemolished
Petrie Building 1882 357CommercialClosed
Royal City Nursery 344CommercialDemolished
Salvation Army Citadel 119ChurchDemolished
Stone Rd Prison Quarry 118MineAbandoned
Stone Road E Bow Truss Bridge 316Bridge/LocksHistoric Location
Swamp Shack 223House or FarmArson
Tall Red on 86 8137House or FarmDemolished
The Acton Speedway 125OtherAbandoned
The Blues House Baby 427House or FarmDemolished
Tytler Public School 1878-2013 124EducationalClosed
Wilson Farm House 5144House or FarmDemolished
Window of Opportunity 117House or FarmDemolished

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