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Locations for Greater Sudbury
Beautifully Broken (cars) 239OtherUnknown
Between Sudbury and Coniston 114House or FarmDemolished
Biscotasing (ghost town) 017House or FarmUnknown
Blezard Valley Farm 213House or FarmDemolished
Blezard Valley House 118House or FarmUnknown
Capreol BG Trucking and Lumber 09House or FarmUnknown
Capreol Marble Quarry 118MineUnknown
Capreol Railway Yard 010RailwayUnknown
Cartier Chaos House 13House or FarmAbandoned
CFS Falconbridge 5112OtherAbandoned
Chelmsford Barns 010House or FarmUnknown
Chelmsford Convent 04OtherUnknown
Chelmsford Just off Larchwood 15RecreationalAbandoned
Chelmsford Little Vermillion 017MineUnknown
Chelmsford Red House 354House or FarmDemolished
Chelmsford Sawmill 013Mill/FoundryDemolished
Chelmsford Splash North 038House or FarmUnknown
Chemmy Garage 16CommercialAbandoned
CNR Locations 56RailwayAbandoned
Coniston Abandoned House 26House or FarmAbandoned
(Name hidden) 110DrainDemolished
(Name hidden) 15MineClosed
Creighton 028House or FarmUnknown
Dowling - Vermilion Mine 120MineDemolished
(Name hidden) 220EducationalDemolished
Frood Mine 09MineUnknown
Gertrude Mine 01MineUnknown
Greater Sudbury Assorted 037Other
Guilletville House 16House or FarmDemolished
Hanmer - Frenchman Lake Camp 110RecreationalAbandoned
Hanmer Abandoned House 13House or FarmDemolished
Hanmer Railway 018RailwayUnknown
Hanmer Tavern 426CommercialDemolished
Happy Valley (ghost town) 08Ghost TownUnknown
High Falls (ghost town) 09Ghost TownUnknown
Hurricane Speedway 09RecreationalUnknown
Jerome (ghost town) 02Ghost TownUnknown
Kingsway Hotel 245Motel/HotelDemolished
Larchwood Station 09Ghost TownUnknown
Levack Apartment Building 214House or FarmUnknown
Lively - George Vanier School 229EducationalDemolished
Long Lake Chalet 335House or FarmAbandoned
Long Lake Gold Mine 233MineUnknown
MediGas 18IndustrialUnknown
Milnet (ghost town) 039Ghost TownUnknown
Milnet (ghost town) 221Ghost TownRepurposed
Moonlight Beach Trailer Park 114House or FarmClosed
Murray Mine 030MineUnknown
Mutli Business Garages 113CommercialUnknown
Nickel Offset Buildings 114MineAbandoned
Nickel Offset Mine - #1 shaft 332MineAbandoned
Nickel Offset Mine - #2 shaft 115MineAbandoned
Nickleton Dam 011House or Farm
Nordic Ski Hill Sudbury 016RecreationalUnknown
Northern Breweries 541IndustrialRepurposed
O'Donnell (ghost town) 06Ghost TownUnknown
Old Creighton Mine Shafts 16MineAbandoned
Old Gas Station- Worthington 115CommercialAbandoned
One entry for Town of Cartier 17House or FarmAbandoned
Public Works 16OtherUnknown
(Name hidden) 117House or FarmRepurposed
Romford 06RailwayUnknown
Run down in downtown 18House or FarmUnknown
Sellwood (ghost town) 027Ghost TownUnknown
Sheridan Technical School 223House or FarmDemolished
(Name hidden) 128EducationalAbandoned
(Name hidden) 8108HospitalClosed
(Name hidden) 19EducationalUnknown
Stobie Compressed Gas Tank. 17MineAbandoned
(Name hidden) 110House or FarmUnknown
Sudbury - Comisso Bricklayers 112CommercialUnknown
Sudbury Cedar Hut 453CommercialDemolished
Sudbury Cement Factory 020FoundationsUnknown
Sudbury Culpeppers 216CommercialDemolished
Sudbury Kingsway House 13House or FarmDemolished
Sudbury Steelworkers Hall 011IndustrialUnknown
Sudbury Zaitz Racetrack 010RecreationalUnknown
Sudbury Zaitz Raceway Gallery 115RecreationalAbandoned
The Horse Lady's House 15House or FarmAbandoned
Turbine (ghost town) 14House or FarmAbandoned
Val Caron - Old Garage 220House or FarmAbandoned
Val Caron House 116RailwayDemolished
Wahnapitae Art Teacher's House 370House or FarmDemolished
Water Tower #1 17OtherBeing Demolished
Water Tower #2 114OtherUnknown
Whitefish Assorted 057Ghost TownUnknown
Whitefish Assorted II 025Ghost TownUnknown
Whitefish Assorted III 054Ghost TownUnknown
Whitefish Bil-Mur Motel 034Motel/HotelUnknown
Whitefish Cabin of Memories 120House or FarmUnknown
Whitefish Imperial Gas 19CommercialUnknown
Worthington (ghost town) 018Ghost TownUnknown
Ye Ol' Ghost Town 238Ghost TownAbandoned

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