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Locations for Fort Erie
40 Years After the Fire 316FoundationsAbandoned
A Red Mystery for Decades 111House or FarmAbandoned
Antique-less 110CommercialDemolished
Burger and Fox Rd Farm Remains 225FoundationsAbandoned
Collapse at Gonder's Flats 121House or FarmAbandoned
Corroded Catfish Creek Camp 115RecreationalAbandoned
Crayon Confessions on Concession 140House or FarmAbandoned
Crescent Beach Edgemere Estate 349House or FarmArson
Erie Beach Park 120RecreationalHistoric Location
Field of 'Old Beater' Dreams 114House or FarmAbandoned
Fort Erie Coloured Cemetery 218CemeteryHistoric Location
Fort Erie Race Track Stables 135BarnAbandoned
hidden Treasure Lost 113House or FarmAbandoned
Home For The Bees 117House or FarmAbandoned
Keeper of the Quarry 119OtherAbandoned
Nothing Too Special 19CommercialAbandoned
Oakhill Lonely Trio 211House or FarmAbandoned
Overgrown Beside Rail Line 119House or FarmCollapsed
Ridgeway Witch Prison Tower 457CorrectionalAbandoned
The Toy Mausoleum 222House or FarmAbandoned
Train on Decommissioned Track 323RailwayAbandoned
Trigger Happy 118House or FarmArson
Weekend at Bernies 219CommercialDemolished
Winchester Mystery House 466House or FarmDemolished

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