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Locations in Cochrane District
Aylen II Tug 117OtherAbandoned
Black River Inn Motel 115Motel/HotelAbandoned
Bridge Over Troubled Water 114Bridge/LocksAbandoned
Custom Concrete 120CommercialAbandoned
Field Of Dreams 111OtherDemolished
Gardiner House 115House or FarmDemolished
Greenwater Provincial Park 120OtherAbandoned
Hearst Municipal Vehicle Dump 18OtherAbandoned
Italian Stallion 117House or FarmAbandoned
Mistango River Train Bridge 110Bridge/LocksAbandoned
Oasis Restaurant 120OtherAbandoned
Steven`s House 116Motel/HotelAbandoned
T. Gibbens Tugboat 114OtherAbandoned
True North Plywood Plant 120Mill/FoundryActive
You shall not pass 117Bridge/LocksActive

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