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Ontario Abandoned Places

This Is How You Weekend

Locations for Chapleau
Chapleau Dam 211OtherClosed
Chapleau Medical Building 15HospitalClosed
Chapleau Pump House 14IndustrialAbandoned
Devon Train Station 17Mill/FoundryAbandoned
Foleyet Buildings 14Ghost TownAbandoned
Hidden Cemetery 14CemeteryActive
Nemegos (ghost town) 07Ghost TownUnknown
North Star Motel 12Motel/HotelClosed
Pineal Lake (ghost town) 110Ghost TownDemolished
Renabie Mine 28MineUnknown
Scaler's Cabin 217Ghost TownRepurposed
Smith Thorne Mine 13MineAbandoned
(Name hidden) 11CemeteryAbandoned
Tophet (ghost town) 216Ghost TownCollapsed
Wenebegon Fireranger camp 111EducationalClosed

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