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Locations for Bruce County
Allenford Pioneer Cemetery 143CemeteryClosed
Berford Mansion 310House or FarmUnder Construction
Big Tub Lighthouse 14OtherHistoric Location
Blue Farm House 331House or FarmAbandoned
Cape Lighthouse 212OtherAbandoned
Cargil Former Church 14ChurchRepurposed
Cargill House 216House or FarmUnknown
Chesley Lake 14House or FarmAbandoned
Clean Your Chimney 118House or FarmAbandoned
Concession House 210House or FarmAbandoned
Corran Ruins- McNeills Mansion 232House or FarmAbandoned
Dobbington 120House or FarmAbandoned
Douglas Hill 318House or FarmUnknown
Dude There's Your Car 25OtherAbandoned
Dyer's Bay Home 16House or FarmAbandoned
Ellengowan (ghost town) 110Ghost TownUnknown
Forgotten Rubble 18FoundationsAbandoned
Gillies Hill (ghost town) 324Ghost TownAbandoned
Gutted 211House or FarmAbandoned
Huron House 111House or FarmAbandoned
Jerry's house 111House or FarmAbandoned
Kinloss 220House or FarmAbandoned
Little Egypt (ghost town) 212Ghost TownUnknown
Lockerby Mill Remains 110Bridge/LocksHistoric Location
Lost in Holyrood 117House or FarmAbandoned
Lost Little Cottage 120House or FarmAbandoned
Malcolm (ghost town) 110Ghost TownAbandoned
McVicar Pioneer Cemetery 120CemeteryHistoric Location
North Bruce Cemetery 225CemeteryActive
Now Collapsed 334House or FarmAbandoned
Nuclear Waste 223House or FarmAbandoned
(Name hidden) 118House or FarmDemolished
Oliphants Elephant 120House or FarmAbandoned
Overgrown 29House or FarmAbandoned
Paisley Inn 221CommercialAbandoned
Pogo Plunger 115House or FarmAbandoned
Raped Farm House 233House or FarmAbandoned
Sauble Falls (ghost town) 226Ghost TownHistoric Location
Scare Crow House 118House or FarmAbandoned
Scone Mill 16Mill/FoundryRepurposed
Signs Of Spring '91 115House or FarmAbandoned
So That's Where My Car Is! 18OtherAbandoned
(Name hidden) 226ChurchClosed
Stands Alone 25House or FarmAbandoned
Such Treasures Within 121House or FarmDemolished
Tara Fixer Upper 110House or FarmAbandoned
Tin Man 239House or FarmAbandoned
Trip to Cape Croker 16House or FarmAbandoned
Underwood 2 223House or FarmAbandoned
Vesta (ghost town) Galleries 753Ghost TownUnknown
Walkerton 'Ski Club' 16RecreationalAbandoned
Walkerton Stone House 134House or FarmActive
We Out Biatch 564House or FarmAbandoned

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