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Ontario Abandoned Places

This Is How You Weekend

Locations for Brant County
(Name hidden) 113House or FarmDemolished
(Name hidden) 19House or FarmDemolished
Abandoned Barn on 24 16BarnDemolished
Abandoned House on Howell 19House or FarmDemolished
Asian Horizons 17OtherAbandoned
Baptist Church 118ChurchHistoric Location
Beware of Dog 114House or FarmAbandoned
Blue Lake @ Hwy 5 120House or FarmDemolished
Burtch Correctional Facility 26CorrectionalDemolished
(Name hidden) 246CemeteryAbandoned
Colborne St E. 123House or FarmDemolished
De-railed 219RailwayAbandoned
Dutcher Pioneer Cemetery 1833 132CemeteryClosed
Farringdon School 221EducationalDemolished
German Woolen Mill 1095Mill/FoundryAbandoned
Glenn Morris Rail Bridge 425Bridge/LocksAbandoned
(Name hidden) 244CemeteryClosed
Hatchley [pioneer] Cemetery 110CemeteryAbandoned
I Seem To Have Run Out Of Coal 213OtherAbandoned
(Name hidden) 237CemeteryAbandoned
Lenington Pioneer Cemetery 225CemeteryClosed
New Credit Pioneer Cemetery 111CemeteryClosed
North of Circle Square 14House or FarmDemolished
Oakhill Public School 114EducationalDemolished
Old Howell horse barn 326BarnCollapsed
Oshweken Gas Station 661CommercialAbandoned
Paris Brickworks 228IndustrialDemolished
Pioneer Presbyterian Cemetery 150CemeteryClosed
S.S. No. 5 Onondaga 114EducationalRepurposed
(Name hidden) 127CemeteryAbandoned
(Name hidden) 150CemeteryAbandoned
Tapley Pioneer Cemetery 125CemeteryClosed
The Great Shoe Tree 416OtherActive
United Church Pioneer Cemetery 145CemeteryClosed
Wheeler Needle Works 118CommercialClosed

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