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Ontario Abandoned Places
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Locations for Algoma District
Agawa Provincial Park lodge 120OtherAbandoned
Algold Mine 14MineAbandoned
Bean Me!!! 113Motel/HotelAbandoned
Brient (ghost town) 03Ghost TownUnknown
Cline Mine near Goudreau 02MineUnknown
CN Station and Coaling Tower 14House or FarmClosed
Creepy Little Gas Station 213OtherAbandoned
Echo Bay Gas Station 15CommercialAbandoned
Franz (ghost town) 015Ghost TownUnknown
Frater Road Train Station 114RailwayAbandoned
G. M. Martin Veneer Factory 213Ghost TownBeing Demolished
Gargantua Harbour (ghost town) 321Ghost TownUnknown
Goudreau (from the air) 14Ghost TownAbandoned
Goudreau (ghost town) 08Ghost TownUnknown
Gould Mine 19MineAbandoned
Helen Mine 08MineUnknown
House on Old Soo Road 11House or FarmAbandoned
James Street House 119House or FarmAbandoned
Mackenzie/Bethune Cemetery 15CemeteryAbandoned
Magpie Mine 019MineUnknown
Michipicoten - Ghost Busters 23OtherAbandoned
Michipicoten Disaster Aftermath 219OtherAbandoned
Michipicoten Harbour (AER) 014Ghost TownUnknown
Missanabie (ghost town) 011Ghost TownUnknown
Mosher (ghost town) 06Ghost TownUnknown
Peterbell 11Ghost TownHistoric Location
Pop Can House - Havilah 12House or FarmAbandoned
Poplar Dale Cemetery 112CemeteryActive
Searchmont (ghost town) 10101Ghost TownAbandoned
Smokey's Garage 227CommercialAbandoned
Steep Hill Falls Hydro Dam 110Bridge/LocksAbandoned
Stevenson House 110House or FarmAbandoned
Sylvan Valley Shack- Echo Bay 13BarnAbandoned
William Teddy Trailer Park 19RecreationalAbandoned

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