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Locations for Ajax/Pickering
14th Sideline Bungalow / Barn 120BarnDemolished
407 Take Over 112House or FarmAbandoned
Altona (ghost town) 16114Ghost TownUnknown
Altona Swiss-styled chalet 18House or FarmDemolished
(Name hidden) 421EducationalAbandoned
Barkey-Michell House 326House or FarmArson
Bethel Cemetery 239CemeteryAbandoned
Big Ol' Barn 334BarnAbandoned
Brougham (semi-ghost town) 552Ghost TownAbandoned
Cochrane Farmstead 18BarnAbandoned
(Name hidden) 331House or FarmArson
Destined for demo on Glenanna 229House or FarmDemolished
Dog Kennels & Shed 116OtherDemolished
East of the 4 Corners - Altona 17House or FarmDemolished
Eavestrough Building 118IndustrialAbandoned
Ellicott Cemetery 310CemeteryAbandoned
Floor Go 355House or FarmAbandoned
Ganatsekiagon- Seneca ghost town 12House or FarmAbandoned
Gone But Not Forgotten 130House or FarmDemolished
Gostick Cemetery 318CemeteryAbandoned
Hastings Cemetery 29House or FarmAbandoned
Highway 7 House 212House or FarmAbandoned
House And Barn - Cochrane Land 233House or FarmAbandoned
House on the lonely Concession 110House or FarmDemolished
Howell's Hollow (ghost town) 540Ghost TownUnknown
Howell's Hollow Area 110House or FarmAbandoned
J. White Farm 218House or FarmDemolished
JW Clarke House, Kinsale 223House or FarmDemolished
Kinsale Brick Kiln 111House or FarmAbandoned
Kinsale Farmhouse 251House or FarmBeing Demolished
Lamoreaux Cemetery 39CemeteryAbandoned
Last of the Mohicans Series 222Ghost TownAbandoned
Mount Zion 321ChurchAbandoned
Mrs Conner's House 226House or FarmAbandoned
Oddly on Audley 8123House or FarmAbandoned
Old Blue House 116House or FarmAbandoned
Out on the Town 276House or FarmDemolished
Out on the Town Pt. 2 155House or FarmDemolished
Pickering RV Homestead 224House or FarmAbandoned
Playland House 19House or FarmDemolished
Purcell's Mill - Twyn Rivers 326FoundationsAbandoned
Redman Farmstead 342House or FarmDemolished
Salem's Lot 227Ghost TownUnknown
Sideline 28 Ranch w. Indoor Pool 120House or FarmDemolished
Sideline 28 Tire Dump 110CommercialDemolished
Sideline Bungalow 120House or FarmDemolished
Sideline House 16House or FarmAbandoned
Sideline House 113House or FarmDemolished
(Name hidden) 110BarnAbandoned
Sitting Pretty 14House or FarmArson
Somerville Silo and Barn 18House or FarmAbandoned
Swimming in the Basement 19House or FarmAbandoned
Swiss Chalet Park 229RecreationalDemolished
The Lapp House 678House or FarmDemolished
Thompson's Corners 18House or FarmAbandoned
Valley Farm- J. Palmer Home 665FoundationsAbandoned
Watched Sign 114House or FarmAbandoned
Weird House, Boarded Up 110House or FarmAbandoned
Westney Villa 117House or FarmDemolished
Woodview Avenue House 14House or FarmAbandoned
Yellow House 127House or FarmDemolished

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