For our official Facebook page click here. We are not affiliated with any other pages. We do not condone any trespassing. Always ask for permission.

Rules for urban exploration:

Our community guidelines are simple. Only few rules exist. In general we ask all members to leave the premise in a pristine state.

"Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints"

The three rules of urban exploration

  1. No vandalizing

    • Do not graffiti or tag. This is not tolerated in our community.
  2. No publicly sharing location

    • Do not disclose locations on social media.
    • Do not disclose location information on slack (any above level 1)
    • Do not disclose entry methods.
    • Only share information with trusted members
  3. No theft

    • Do not take any items from the location.
    • Leave the premise as you found it

Why urban exploration rules important

These rules exist for moral purposes but also to allow the next explorer a chance to admire the location. Vandalizing is not tolerated by our community and the vandal will be subject to consequences deemed appropriate by the community. To further prevent vandalism, we ask all members to abstain from publicly discussing location information. Public discussions can give away a location to vandals and arsonists.

Additional caution is advised on Slack. Slack username is not related to username on the website. Impersonators may be posing as another member. Always be careful of who you share information with and only share with trusted members.