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Latlng: (46.720162, -79.103882)

Steel Water Pipelines

Discovered by steph_444444
Created Oct 20 2016
Recent status Historic Location
Category Drain
City Timiskaming District, Quebec
Location # 14108

The Steel Water Pipelines are part of a town trail with information panels on the hydro electric facilities. The pipe sections extend uphill through mostly forested areas with the trail going around most of them.

In 1913, the Riordon Pulp and Paper Company Limited began to developed a pulp and paper mill in Temiscaming, with a town for its workers. In 1918 it was completed along with the Lumsden's Mill dam, while work continued into 1919 for the power facilities. In 1926, the hydro facilities were sold to the Gatineau Power Company, which built a "tower of balance" and this steel pipeline connecting it to the power house below.

Latlng: (46.720162, -79.103882)


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trailblazer519 Cool spot..

Oct 21 2016