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Latlng: (45.415927, -73.96208)

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Tunstall family plot

Discovered by Navi-Gatr
Created Dec 23 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category Cemetery
City Senneville, Quebec
Location # 17049

A small heavily overgrown family plot in an upscale suburb of Montreal. Senneville, on the extreme west end of the island of Montreal, was home to the weekend/vacation retreats of the wealthy political and business leaders of Lower Canada. The Tunstall family property was by far the largest in the area (possibly in all of Montreal) in the late 1800’s. All that remains intact today of this large Estate is the cemetery – the rest of the property has given way to large homes and modern mansions of some of the current elite of the area. Although there remains only one stand-alone headstone within the gated enclosure, there is a monument and plaque attesting to the fact that a number of generations of Tunstalls and their descendants and ancestors, the Blaiklocks and Frasers (including Simon Fraser – not the famous explorer but possibly related and a fellow partner in the North West Company) are interred within the low walls. The cemetery is accessible from Senneville Road although parking is an issue, please be respectful of the private residences surrounding it.

Latlng: (45.415927, -73.96208)


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timo explorer Very interesting location, lots of great history found here.

Dec 25 2020