Latlng: (45.449597, -73.937064)

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Stone Brick Mansion

Discovered by FLegaultPhotography
Created Nov 30 2018
Recent status Arson
Category Mansion
City Senneville, Quebec
Location # 15707

This house was abandoned mid renovations and was left half empty, had a very weird architectural layout and a whole floor was missing. This location was my first exploration, since 2016 camera's and an alarm system had been installed and sadly a "mysterious fire" in August 2018 destroyed it (Video link)

Latlng: (45.449597, -73.937064)


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avatar of FLegaultPhotography
FLegaultPhotography It was great! fun little explore you could drive up to, no one around and full of rooms to explore, shame it burnt down tho
Dec 10 2018
avatar of hailey55439
hailey55439 nice find!! definitely an interesting looking one
Dec 05 2018