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Latlng: (45.155188, -72.987243)

La vielle ecole Mystic


Discovered by PatThomas
Created Aug 30 2015
Recent status Historic Location
Category Educational
City Saint-Ignace De Stanbridge, Quebec
Location # 12586
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The Mystic Old School House was built in 1880 by Solomon Walbridge. In 1886, against the wish of the local school board, Solomon Walbridge added the second floor. He had the workmen from his mill prefabricate the framing. One day, when the whole village was away attending a funeral, he raised the roof and added the second floor. Thus, his older children would not have to leave the village of Mystic to attend junior high in the neighbouring town of Bedford, Quebec.

Latlng: (45.155188, -72.987243)


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