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Latlng: (45.42285, -75.719613)

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Ottawa's Oldest Bridge


Discovered by dieter
Created Sep 28 2011
Recent status Active
Category Bridge/Locks
City Gatineau, Quebec
Location # 3252
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If you(a)re going to explore what(a)s left of the original industry in Bytown, don(a)t forget to check out what is left of the oldest bridge in Bytown (and, no, it(a)s not Pooley(a)s bridge in Lebreton Flats). Technically, it(a)s just on the Quebec side (or more on the E.B. Eddy side than the J.R. Booth side ... if you follow me). Rue Eddy splits into two separate bridge spans just north of the Booth Board Mill. If you check-out the western (shorter) span, you will notice that what, at first, appears to be a concrete bridge, is actually a limestone barrel-vault bridge that has been completely "encased" inside a newer concrete structure. This what(a)s left of the 1828 bridge built by the Royal Engineers.

Latlng: (45.42285, -75.719613)


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