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Davidson Qc School

Davidson, Quebec

Location Owner Ian85
Creation Date Jun 25 2012
Status Abandoned
Category Educational
Location Davidson, Quebec
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I had posted this gallery before but got deleted for some reasons. This is an abandonned school in a small suburb of Mansfield, Qc, 30 km from Pembroke, Ontario called Davidson. Popultation of about 200 people, this was an High school from it's build date in the mid to late 50's until it's closure in the early 1970's when a new, bigger school was built. The owner lives beside the school and uses it for storage. It was supposed to be converted to appartments but is now left to rot. No easy access and looks like the roof is starting to collapse. There is a new street being built beside. Let's hope I can take more pictures. On Edit, currently being demolished as it is now dangerous. Was purchased when it got closed in late 1984. Was planned on being transformed into an apartment building but was never done and was just left to rot. You will find alot of these floor plans school across the province of Quebec and named ''Les Écoles de Duplessis''

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avatar of Ian85
Ian85 Demolition has started. Still absolutely no way to go take a look inside as the owner (quite unfriendly) lives beside the school.
Apr 08 2015
avatar of 4real
4real I'd love to see this one inside. Very nice. Time has made it's mark on this school!
Nov 14 2012