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Latlng: (45.31343, -73.881501)


Discovered by FLegaultPhotography
Created Jan 13 2019
Recent status Arson
Category Industrial
City Beauharnois, Quebec
Location # 15803

UPDATE 28/02/20 I passed by today wanting to go for a look and found out the place is no longer, After some research a fire consumed the property in June 2019, the roof has collapsed and the ground floor is completely sealed off.

This place can be legally explored if the owner is contacted to rent prior to arriving This former paper mill is partially currently used as a photoshoot location and airsoft/paintball field

Built in 1912 as the Howard Smith Paper Mill, from 1932 the Canadian government commission the plant to produce all the paper for banknotes. After many years of struggling, in 2004 the plant was shut down after the loss of the contract to produce the paper for the currency. After being closed for many years, the property was purchased with the intent of being converted into a obstacle course type multi use building with paintball fields, a rope bridge and abseiling, the owner was trying to bring everything up to par to make it a premiere destination for the area till a fire in 2012 destroyed a good section of the building.

A good amount of the machinery is still in place and the entire property mostly retains its look of a paper mill, just be careful as there are holes in the floor from where shoots used to be positioned, there is caution tape around the areas but still its bloody dark in there and you will definitely need to bring a source of light for any pictures.

(Side note, during my exploration found out that my grandfather was in charge of overseeing this plant during its era under Domtar control)

Latlng: (45.31343, -73.881501)


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