Latlng: (45.427089, -73.893622)

The School

Discovered by FLegaultPhotography
Created Dec 01 2018
Recent status Demolished
Category Educational
City Beaconsfield, Quebec
Location # 15709

After being abandoned, this high school was converted into a makeshift retirement home without success. The large property was difficult to get into as the owner would routinely check up and reboard any open acess into the building. The building comprised of about 10 classrooms converted into living areas, a gym, a pool, lobby area and cafeteria. as of May 2018 the demolition has been finalized

Latlng: (45.427089, -73.893622)


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avatar of Navi-Gatr
Navi-Gatr As of now (July 12, 2020) there is no indication that there was ever any building on the site. The only remaining evidence of the past is the driveway into the facility and the paved circle in front of it. This is a remarkable example of how to clean up the site of a demolished structure
Jul 13 2020