Latlng: (46.441937, -62.747606)

St. Peter's Harbour Lighthouse

Discovered by Old Photo
Created Aug 28 2017
Recent status Abandoned
Category Other
City Morell, Prince Edward Island
Location # 14933

Imagine winding yourself down a red dirt single lane drive, to find an abandon P.E.I. lighthouse. [b]St. Peter's Harbour Lighthouse[/b] has long been swallowed up by blowing dunes off the Atlantic Ocean. Located on a near deserted beach on the North East Shore you will also find a disintegrated dock a short walk about 300 meters away along the beach line, covered in the most florescent green algae you may ever see. Feel free to share these pictures if you would like, please leave the watermark intact.

Latlng: (46.441937, -62.747606)


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Unknown User Province needed to be set.
Mar 17 2018
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clay70 why is this appearing under listing for Morell in Ontario
Mar 16 2018
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Old Photo Hi. I moved the pin a bit. Please check satellite view, it's easy to see.
Aug 29 2017
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timo explorer Fixed the text and coordinates.
Aug 28 2017