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Parker was another settlement along the Elora-Saugeen road. Settlers moved to the area to begin new lives and to farm. To provide accomodation for the horse-drawn travellers, a hotel opened in 1850.

In 1865, Thomas Burns opened a small post office. This brought a few neighbouring businesses to the area.

As travel became more modern, the need for overnight stay diminished and the town began to dwindle. It's still used for farming today but the hotel has been closed for years. The post office closed in 1929. The school house is still standing and is a private home (painted pink).

Parker is down the road from Ponsonby, at the intersection of Wellington Road 7 and County Road 12. Ponsonby is on Wellington Road 7 in Wellington County, north of Guelph. If you come to an intersection which has arrows pointing to Arthur and Macton respectively, you are at the crossroads where the hotel and garage can be found.

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Cerulean says:
7/17/2014 10:24:28 AM
There used to be a white house right on the corner of 7 and 12, kind of kitty corner to the old garage. It got crashed into by cars numerous times. The house was eventually torn down and a newer house built at a safer distance from the road. ;)
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