Latlng: (43.403058, -80.675062)

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Wilmot Township
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Condemned House- Baden

Wilmot Township, Ontario

Location Owner brianrdouglas
Creation Date Mar 06 2012
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Wilmot Township, Ontario
Site number #4139

* April 17, 2012 Update: The house is gone! It looks like it saw its end this weekend. I am not sure the exact status of this house at the moment but I believe it is currently condemned. There is a note in the window. When I first drove by it I thought maybe it was a notice for renovations, but months later nothing has happened. There is no way inside and it is surrounded by very nice homes with watchful neighbours. It also happens to be on the main road through Baden. If you're looking for some exterior shots or are in the area maybe worth a quick stop. Otherwise, keep on driving.

Latlng: (43.403058, -80.675062)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User I miss this place. It was one of my "landmarks" when learning my way around when I moved here many years ago. :(
Sep 23 2014
avatar of brianrdouglas
brianrdouglas I noted it above but thought I would add it here too - the house is now gone. Nothing left but rumple and a foundation I am sure they will start removing this week.
Apr 17 2012
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks The backdoor was missing this day, but didnt go in. ya , nieghbours,close all around , probably better for a group where 1 can slip in unoticed then rotate. For a reno you start with the ROOF first , no? Why do all that work then have it leaked on?
Apr 08 2012