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Latlng: (43.99057, -79.261003)

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Discovered by intention
Created Aug 24 2020
Recent status Demolished
Category Barn
City Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario
Location # 16694
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Seemingly an abandoned barn and shed, both boarded up. Beside it there is some ruins of what used to be seemingly another shed or storage building. Was probably used for the surrounding farm. The property is currently for sale as of August 2020. The place is harder to see now as it is overgrown. There are weeds that go up to your waist, and tons of shrubs and trees. Because the ground is completely covered, it is hard to see the big holes in the ground, there are a few, so watch your step. The property is gated off but the gate is easily climbable.

Update, as of 2021, the location was purchased and the site was mostly demolished. The large concrete structure still stands but everything else was cleared.

Latlng: (43.99057, -79.261003)


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