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Latlng: (43.882595, -78.933523)

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F.M. Heard

Discovered by AbandonedKatie
Created Dec 28 2016
Recent status Demolished
Category Educational
City Whitby, Ontario
Location # 14269

This is the school I went to from kindergarten to grade 6 , so it's crazy to see it abandoned like this and I really would love to get inside! The school was built sometime in the early 1950's since then there has been a fire that meant the whole right wing had to be rebuilt. The school was permanently closed in June 2011 due to too many necessary expensive repairs and has been abandoned ever since... However, there is a loud buzzing/humming noise coming from the inside of the school which you can hear if you put your ear up to the door, so who knows what could be going on in there.. I found a set of lock keys hidden in a rotting piece of wood and will definitely be returning to see if they can open anything up!

Update... returned tonight (January 2) to find out that the keys don't open anything up, but the building is definitely in use!! I could only get one clear(ish) picture of the inside of the building but the lights are still on...

[u]OAP Writes:[/u]

F.M. Heard Public School was located at 100 Garden Street in the city of Whitby. The school’s history began in 1875 under the name of The Model School, a training school for teachers. The school eventually became Dundas Street Public School. In 1967 a fire led to the demolition of part of Dundas Public School.

The west wing was rebuilt while older additions remained intact. In 1974 the school reopened under the name of Florence M. Heard, a former teacher who began her career at the school back in 1924. In 1942 she was promoted to the role of principal. F.M. Heard was a French immersion school that provided programming for students from kindergarten to Grade 6.

The school closed in June of 2011 after the Durham District School Board decided that the cost of repairs to the aging school would be too expensive. A new school named Julie Payette Public School was built to replace F.M. Heard.

On April 7, 2017 the Durham District School Board put out a tender for demolition of the former school. The demolition tender was awarded to Schouten Excavating Inc.

Latlng: (43.882595, -78.933523)


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AbandonedKatie OH MY GOD NOOOOO

Sep 30 2017

Digitisation Definitely gonna be gone extremely soon. Some cool demolition picture can be taken

Sep 29 2017

Hvyds Demolition has started

Sep 29 2017

Hvyds There isn't a poe anymore

Sep 15 2017
unknown user avatar

Unknown user This place is a hot spot lately.

Aug 29 2017

AbandonedKatie Oh my goodness!! <3 Love seeing pictures of the inside

Aug 25 2017

Hvyds POE as of today. probably wont stay open for long

Aug 23 2017

Motleykiwi No access here as of today.

Jun 25 2017

Digitisation Currently has an open POE, Would advise against going as asbestos removal is taking place

Jun 18 2017

ChevyShortBox98 I've wanted in here for a while!

Jan 16 2017

AbandonedKatie That's so cool clay70! :) and unfortunately not, everything is boarded up tight and I returned today but the keys I found don't open anything up VacantMedia :/

Jan 02 2017

clay70 My sis went here too

Dec 30 2016

VacantMedia Any POE?/ security system?

Dec 30 2016

Digitisation Very cool find! Would love to see some interiors!

Dec 29 2016