Latlng: (43.900548, -80.55092)

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Wellington North

Kenilworth Farmhouse

Discovered by trailblazer519
Created Dec 28 2017
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Wellington North, Ontario
Location # 15109

Long abandoned farmhouse north of Arthur, near Kenilworth. The stairs to the upper floor are gone. There might be a way to climb up there in the warmer months. There's a few small shacks and a barn foundation. An explore in the warmer months would be more worthwhile. There's a few neighbours off in the distance, but I doubt anyone would care that you're here..

Latlng: (43.900548, -80.55092)


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avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 Everything is gone from here now, including the trees. This patch was cleared to increase crop land. Changed status..
May 23 2020
avatar of fiso
fiso Nice one Blazer. Brrrrr.
Dec 30 2017
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 One of my shortest explores. 15 mins was enough that day..
Dec 30 2017
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Nice find, so cold.
Dec 29 2017