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Riverside Car Wash


Discovered by ground state
Created Aug 10 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category Commercial
City Welland, Ontario
Location # 5187
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Prior to the community development here, this land was site of a do-it-yourself car wash: one of the open-bay styles. When it was eventually abandoned, no attempt was even made to board it up. It was simply left wide open until the building was eventually demolished in 2013-2014.

Latlng: (42.985206, -79.266993)


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ground state Thanks - changed the description accordingly.

May 01 2014  • 0 like(s)

Andrewz Went to go check this place out, but they're turning the site into condos. I uploaded a couple pictures.

May 01 2014  • 0 like(s)

mobileworks I agree, boarding-up just makes it worse[molde etc.] and less chance of selling it anyway but I guess it makes the insurance companies happy.

Aug 14 2012  • 0 like(s)

kev7716 Very cool ground state ! I use to bring my car there all the time . I don't beleve i haven't been there yet i only live around the corner .

Aug 11 2012  • 0 like(s)