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Port Robinson


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Created Jan 01 2006
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Category Ghost Town
City Welland, Ontario
Location # 231
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When the Welland Canal was originally built, it began at Port Dalhousie and ran to Port Robinson where it connected to the Welland River. The Welland River then met up with the Niagara River. Construction on the canal began on November 24, 1824.

The canal was eventually altered to go directly to Lake Erie at Port Colborne. At this junction, a village grew with four hotels, four church(a)s, a sawmill, four stores, a gristmill, two blacksmith shops and a dry dock.

The original name was Port Beverley, after William Beverley Robinson but it was eventually change to his last name.

Steamers linked Port Robinson with Buffalo by the side canal and Welland River and stage coaches were also also in transit. The population consisted of many canal workers, shipwrights, towboys and lockmasters. Buildings included four hotels, four churches, sawmill, four stores, gristmill, two blacksmiths and dry dock.

There is a park just across the road from the old locks, which is the site of the old Abbey Brothers Shipyard. In the park is a plaque to mark the area(a)s history.

The decline began when the Welland Railway came through but not close enough to Port Robinson to keep the town on the map.

Location: Take highway 20 East, past highway 406, until you reach Highway 82 South (Alanport Road). Go south on 82 and turn right at the intersection onto Canby Street West.

Latlng: (43.03694, -79.206944)

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dankyrs Not truly a ghost town and nothing empty here...I live here :P Parts of the old canal are still in the ground across the road from the park but that's about it

Aug 10 2014  • 0 like(s)
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Unknown user Port robinson is not a ghost town as of 2009, my friend runs a tavern i the third building in the picture with the Coke ad in it, there is a post office, fire hall, and a small ferry to get pedestrians across the welland river

Aug 18 2009  • 0 like(s)