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John Deere


Discovered by skylar.ferris2
Created Mar 27 2017
Recent status Demolished
Category Commercial
City Welland, Ontario
Location # 14439
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John Deere Factory in Welland in a huge but risky place to explore. Cops like to sit in the parking lot to catch speeding cars going down canal bank street so be aware of that. Parking can be found across from john deere on a dirt road beside the canal. Theres a hole in the fence at the front and then to get into the building there are multiple, easy ways to get in.

A little history: [font=]The factory first open its doors in 1911 and had been operational till 2009 when the company decided to move production to Wisconsin US. And Mexico. This decision Impacted many family in the area as 800workers were laid off. Back In 2000 Before the factory closure; During the yearly tradition of ‘take your kids to work day’ two 14 year olds were operating a Gator utility vehicle until it crashed into and wedged themselves beneath a tractor trailer. Unfortunately both teens had passed away due to the the critical injuries they sustained.[/font]

Latlng: (42.953847, -79.249191)


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TheEasyKaybreezy Its demolished.

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timo explorer Some of your photos need to be rotated.

Mar 31 2017  • 0 like(s)
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Unknown user fixed gps.

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