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Hells Angels Niagara Clubhouse


Discovered by Exploring With Donkey
Created May 11 2021
Recent status Demolished
Category Other
City Welland, Ontario
Location # 17540
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This used to be a clubhouse for the Niagara chapter of the famous Hells Angels biker club. In 2006 the clubhouse was raided and many people were arrested. 14 years later (2020) the city decided to demolish it because they realized the property tax had been paid with cash that was "received illegally". What's left today is an empty lot surrounded by a chain-link fence.

Latlng: (43.02604723376, -79.1952252388)


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ishootthings Nice how it took 14 years for them to realize payments prolly were not legit. Hahahaha

May 12 2021  • 0 like(s)