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Dilapidated old house and 3 barn


Discovered by drunkenmunky420
Created Mar 22 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Welland, Ontario
Location # 6492
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This was one of my first locations now it's gone.... Demolished June 2014

Very thick bush to climb through to get to them and not much left of them. I have no idea the age or the history probably an old farm.

Latlng: (42.93804, -79.265555)


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Nomad Nice find and great photos.

Mar 27 2013  • 0 like(s)

mobileworks sounds like a movie , 3 barns and a house, good eye.

Mar 23 2013  • 0 like(s)

ground state Great location drunkenmunky420, always thought there might be something worth seeing in the trees here as I've been driving into Port Colborne. Never expected to see a house so absolutely abandoned. Nice! And your photography shows signs of purposeful care. Excellent first gallery.

Mar 22 2013  • 0 like(s)

TheGirlNextDoor Feel free to ignore Sk8punk! :P What a GREAT find DM! Creative takes! Well done!

Mar 22 2013  • 0 like(s)