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Waterloo, Ontario

Location Owner ishootthings
Creation Date Jul 07 2020
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Waterloo, Ontario
Site number #16591

Browsing the comments on a gallery of mine OAP posted on the Facebook, I came across a lady who knew the history of the place so I sent her a message and revealed who I be (so shes not put off by a stranger messaging) and I get a tip that this place built in 1899, is going to be taken out today. 07/07/2020. For all intensive purposes im writing it up as being demolished. Right in the nick of time. Water leak in the basement as is a common one. It was SO BAD SMELLING when I would get the odd whiff. So musty it stung. It was a first. The floors were quite soft anf part of the ceiling had collapsed onto a piano. RIP old piano. Whelp. Thanks random Facebook Fan! Another property formerly owned by Terry Good. Quote from messenger: ''I myself now have a 100 year old home in the area and love the history and craftsmanship of the older places, but am so sadden to see the older homes being neglected and either butchered or torn down (another older gem from 1899 on that street is set to be torn down on Tuesday to make way for 2 new houses)''

Latlng: (43.458066, -80.524937)


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