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Sam's Hotel / The Lord Selkirk Ballroom

Discovered by crazycarclub
Created Apr 27 2021
Recent status Demolished
Category Motel/Hotel
City Wallaceburg, Ontario
Location # 17471

Opened in 1947 The Lord Selkirk Ballroom was an event venue in Wallaceburg Ontario used for wedding receptions and formal dances. It would change names and reopen New Years Eve December 31 1970 as The Webber, a live music and drinking establishment complete with cheap rooms for those who had a few too many. Another couple name changes to "The Pass" in the late 70's and finally "Sam's Hotel" in the 1980's. Growing up in Wallaceburg and playing in a band throughout the 90's I had the pleasure of playing the stage there. It may have smelled of stagnant beer soaked carpets and rotten who knows whats but the acoustics were decent for a dive bar and the sound guy Herb was the bomb. Over the past ten years or so time wasn't easy on the old ballroom. The couple who last purchased the bar had no idea how to run or promote it properly so it failed financially and physically continued to fall into disrepair. As a last ditch effort to stay afloat the upstairs rooms were rented out to drug addicts and it became the largest meth house in the area. Thankfully in the recent past a non-profit charity organization has purchased the property and plans to build a new childcare centre there. Unfortunately that means the end for Sam's Hotel. I borrowed a couple exteriors from google maps as I wasn't expecting the demo to start and I missed my chance. Ironically too, my camera was having a hard time focusing when i shot the inside. Almost as if it was drunk or wanted the photos as blurry as some of my memories of this place. R.I.P. Lord Selkirk Ballroom 1947-2020

Latlng: (42.592754639757, -82.400255799294)


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