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Latlng: (42.583078, -82.381965)

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Pizza Shut


Discovered by crazycarclub
Created May 02 2014
Recent status Repurposed
Category Commercial
City Wallaceburg, Ontario
Location # 10347

When this Pizza Hut closed in 2004 i would have never imagined it would sit nearly 10 years before i gained entry. Technically for sale, recently reduced to $345 000 so i'm unsure how much longer this roadside eyesore will remain. Looks like it was cleaned up pretty good before they vacated. I'm extremely surprised that this place hasn't been trashed by kids yet, perhaps its the busy location thats kept it safe thus far.

Update 2021 - This property has been repurchased into a Luigi's Pizza.

Latlng: (42.583078, -82.381965)


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mobileworks Pizza Shut LOL ! good one. I have been in one house vacated 13 years[near Sunridge OAP location] and like this one looks vacated only 2 weeks. Good seal, keeping dust done? ya, its weird, eh. Looks cleaner then some that are open. Good eye.

May 03 2014

f.o.s. Thanks for posting this one ccc, brings back some old memories of going to one like this with my friends in high school. It looks like it's stone silent inside.

May 02 2014

superss Looks pretty damn good for be closed for almost 10 years.

May 02 2014