Latlng: (43.851630, -79.620130)

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Vaughan, Ontario

Location Owner bigpaulsmall
Creation Date Nov 30 2012
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Vaughan, Ontario
Site number #5896

Cold, cold house near Kleinburg Ont. Outside was minus 4, inside felt like minus 20. My hands got so cold I couldn't operate my camera properly. It's funny how some of these houses hold the cold so well. I had to go outside to warm up. This place has seen better days, the local vandals have ransacked it pretty much, and nature has done the rest. Google streetview shows the house seemingly to be lived in, in fairly good condition so it hasn't been that long since being abandoned.

Latlng: (43.851630, -79.620130)


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avatar of electricfuneral
electricfuneral Sat in the empty lot looking for another house near-by, not realizing that it was actually where this location used to be. I believe the house has been gone for a while now.
Dec 20 2016
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi I don't remember seeing this house so it could be gone now. Either that or it was well hidden. It wasn't on my radar to visit but the one behind it has been demolished.
Nov 10 2015
avatar of Kenndruuh
Kenndruuh Crazy cool location. I'm loving the shot of the (bloody?) handprint.
Dec 01 2012
avatar of bigpaulsmall
bigpaulsmall Professional? Ha. No I have a huge flashlight with 2 LED bulbs and I use a tripod with 1-3 second exposures. Inside these boarded up houses it can be pretty dark, so some form of extra lighting is necessary. By the way I hate flash and never use it.
Dec 01 2012
avatar of ground state
ground state Or the cold temperature could be a result of all the spirits. Definitely haunted! Ok I'm kidding... just like all the dust flashes being these so-called orbs of dead energy. Cripes. The hand print is awesome and your interiors are particularly clear in this post. Just a bright flash and then playing with contrast after the fact, or something more professional??
Dec 01 2012